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Grocery Shopping in South Sudan

Last month we shared a post entitled, “Hunger Hurts,” about the crisis in South Sudan. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now we would like to share 15,000 words in photos of some of our efforts to feed the hungry there. Keep in mind that the temperature where these pictures were […]

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Hidden Hunger: Nutrient Deficiency

Does this phrase sound familiar? “Eat your peas and carrots!” Chances are that you’ve heard your mother utter this phrase  on a number of occasions throughout your childhood. And as much as you (likely) loathed any food that fell into  the vegetable category, chances are your mom faithfully reminded you of why you needed them […]

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Are you full?

When was the last time you said “I’m full!” after a meal?  On Thanksgiving Day?  After lunch on Sunday?  What about after breakfast this morning? It can be easy to equate feeling “full” with eating too much; making the statement “I’m full” more of a sign of distress than satisfaction.  However, there are many children […]

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