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Young girl holding paper airplane in Ameya, Nicaragua.

On my desk…Helpless…but praying

Reflecting on my first trip to the field You may have noticed that my title did not say ‘On my desk this week.’ As I’m writing posts about what I’m working on each week, I realized there are so many things I’ve worked on in the past that did not get the opportunity to be […]

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On my desk this week….It’s eNewsletter week!!

  I love eNewsletter weeks. And by that, I mean I love it when a new FH eNewsletter is published. As a multimedia writer for Food for the Hungry, the main part of my job is to……you guessed it – write. And although I write a variety of content, whether it’s marketing material, news releases, […]

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What voices speak into your life?

From the back room of my house, I stood getting ready for my day. I could hear the TV on in the next room and I began to listen, analyzing the script and the voices, trying to guess what show was on. It didn’t take me long to make a guess… and I was right. […]

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One in three people lives without a toilet

Some people consider toilets dirty — their germs dangerous. But others see them as icons of health that actually save lives. Today, a full 36 percent of the world's population lives without a toilet, says the newest data from theWorld Health Organization. That's one in three. This lack of sanitation is the primary cause of […]

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How a toilet can display the love of Christ

In the last Poverty 180: Water post, we saw the strong link between good hygiene, clean water and physical health. In discussions about clean water, improved sanitation is a major player. The World Health organizationdiscusses the two together and says that while safe drinking water is becoming more accessible worldwide, we still have a long way to […]

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What’s better than building a classroom for kids who desperately need it?

What is better than going into a community, finding 130 elementary-school students crammed together under deteriorating roofs, and building them brand-new classrooms?  Answer: Walking alongside that community’s leaders and families, providing encouragement and strategic support as they build their own classrooms. FH helps communities in extreme poverty access the resources needed to lift themselves out of poverty for […]

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How do you calculate the value of one teacher?

A few years ago, I had the privilege of seeing Food for the Hungry staff at work in Nicaragua – the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, after Haiti. One of the places I went was El Limonal, a community I was told lay in the “triangle of death” between the city’s dump, cemetery and sewer system. […]

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