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The Woebegone Winter of the Refugees of War

Refugees have always been a forgotten — and often unwanted — side effect of war. These are the disenfranchised, homeless and widowed. They have escaped the scourge of the conflict, only to find themselves enduring another endless nightmare. They must depend entirely upon others to provide the necessities, not simply for life, but for survival. Official estimates place […]

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Mommy, When Can We Go Home?

There is a longing inside each one of us to go home. Whether it is a child away at camp or visiting grandma, or an adult on vacation or away on business, or a young soldier off to serve at a distant post, our hearts long to return to home. While we all feel that […]

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Syrian Children: Life as Refugees

According to research conducted by UNICEF, the number of children affected by the Syrian conflict has more than doubled from 2.3 million to more than 5.5 million since March of 2013. The number of Syrian child refugees has increased from 260,000 to more than 1.2 million. In many cases, refugee children’s lives are almost unrecognizable […]

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Refugees: Life without a home

  Life in a tent  – who knows for how long? Living with the vivid memories of the bombings and shootings that made you flee. The heartache of lost family members who didn’t make it out. Fear of abuse from  people around you who are desperate to survive at all costs. Refugees are utterly vulnerable and dependent on others. Far […]

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Ethiopian boy looks out over countryside

Learning from Artists and Olympians

During a recent trip to Ethiopia, one of FH’s largest fields of operation, I purchased a postcard by local artist. The painting on the card featured an Ethiopian Airlines airplane full of passengers that were clearly Ethiopian themselves. You can see it here. I thought it was pretty cool. I really liked the style of […]

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