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Michelle's transformation after receiving deworming medication is astonishing!

Intestinal Worms and World Hunger

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that at least 400 million children worldwide suffer from intestinal worms. A common problem associated with world hunger, intestinal worms prevent a person’s body from absorbing nutrients. In fact, they daily hijack up to 25% percent of the nutrients consumed by already-malnourished children. To put the problem into perspective, […]

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A price too high to pay for clean water

It’s 5 a.m. one chilly morning in Mariwa village, and Florence is up and ready for the day ahead. She quickly sips her tea to help her energize. As the lady of the house, Florence knows an early start will give her an edge over most other women going down to the stream to fetch water.

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Caring for all of God's creation

Following the examples of Jesus, FH works with people of all faiths and backgrounds because we understand that all people are God's creations. Likewise, we know the earth is God's creation, and resource-poor communities are intimately connected to it. Here's a glimpse of how we care for people by caring for the land on which […]

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One in three people lives without a toilet

Some people consider toilets dirty — their germs dangerous. But others see them as icons of health that actually save lives. Today, a full 36 percent of the world's population lives without a toilet, says the newest data from theWorld Health Organization. That's one in three. This lack of sanitation is the primary cause of […]

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Sustaining communities and forests at the same time

In one of the driest parts of Kenya, FH helped people in one community gain better access to clean water while, at the same time, protecting the environment on which their very lives depend. HTTP://WWW.CANEXBACK.COM/ Years ago, the Arapal community settled on Kulal mountain, right in the middle of the forest next to a freshwater […]

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Celebrate World Water Day with us!

Sing to the LORD, for he has done wonderful things. Make known his praise around the world. Isaiah 12:5 It's fitting that we should celebrate World Water Day in the same month as we celebrate reaching a related Millennium Development Goal three years early. The goal, set in September 2000, was to cut in half […]

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Guest blog — Rock band visits Africa and builds clean-water wells

The Christian rock back Willet has been a treasured partner of FH for many years, helping find sponsors for hundreds of children in need and raising enough money to build 15 clean-water wells in the country of Mozambique. The four band members speak passionately about God's heart for the poor and our response as His followers. Here, drummer Tyler […]

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How the Bible brought clean water to Mozambique

The more you study community development, the more you realize that solutions to problems usually can be found within the community. You can”t SEE them, but they”re there. What I”m talking about are ideas … values … principles. Even beyond cement and supplies to construct clean-water wells, schools or other infrastructure, the most important thing FH gives to families locked […]

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How to boost real estate in Northern Kenya

Karbururi used to be just another overlooked, undesirable village on the road between Golole and Sololo in Northern Kenya, until a big hole was dug in the ground. With no school or water source, and with a road impassible during the rainy season, this community suffered increasingly from isolation as other development groups passed it […]

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A solution so simple but so life-changing

FH works in the northern part of Cambodia which is a former stronghold of the Khmer Rouge. During the war and genocide of 1975-1979, social institutions and people who staffed them were intentionally wiped out. canexback Religious temples were destroyed, banks and money were burned, and 1-2 million businesspeople, school teachers and other educated Cambodians were […]

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