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BACK TO HAITI — Victories in clean water, health and hygiene

As the second anniversary of Haiti's massive earthquake approaches (Jan. 12), we're taking a look at the work God accomplished through Food for the Hungry in the past year. HTTP://CANEXBACK.COM If you've been around FH for a while, you know we don't give a lot of handouts because they're simply not that helpful in the […]

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What happens AFTER a clean-water well is dug?

Everyone gets excited about the digging of a brand-new well … the anticipation, the hard work, and the joyous celebration upon seeing clean, drinkable water spew from the ground! But what happens after that? Who’s in charge of the water — whose water is it? Just as we pay companies for our water use here in […]

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How a toilet can display the love of Christ

In the last Poverty 180: Water post, we saw the strong link between good hygiene, clean water and physical health. In discussions about clean water, improved sanitation is a major player. The World Health organizationdiscusses the two together and says that while safe drinking water is becoming more accessible worldwide, we still have a long way to […]

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VIDEO: How to cut diarrhea-related deaths in half (hint: it’s something you do every day)

If you care about clean water and are concerned for the 1.1 billion people right now who don’t have it, you probably also know that every day, about 6,000 people (mostly children under 5) die from diarrhea-related diseases (source). The World Health Organization says half of those lives could be saved just by handwashing. In Mozambique and […]

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What clean water means to me — from Ethiopia

Last month, we published a story from Ethiopia about 22 clean-water points constructed in the district of Sasiga. 52-year-old Adde Nadi is one of the many who now enjoys clean water close to home, thanks to the construction of a protected spring just 15 minutes away by foot. Adde Nadi desperately needed this new protected spring because […]

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Overcoming the impossible in the dry hills of Kenya

Sometimes, a problem is so formidable that it’s hard ever to imagine a solution for it. This may have been how families felt in Parkishon, Northern Kenya before FH convinced them they could overcome once very essential problem: access to clean water. Eight hours. That’s how long Parkishon’s women and children used to walk to get […]

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What do actress Anne Hathaway and this Kenyan armed guard have in common?

They each have different genders, different skin colors, different languages, and very different day-to-day lives. But both Anne Hathaway and the armed guard below know that women and girls in Northern Kenya are in danger–they desperately need to be protected, especially during this time of extreme drought. This man stands guard as women and girls […]

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Celebrating World Water Week

If you’re really into following water issues around the world, you probably already know this week isWorld Water Week: a gathering of more than 2,600 humanitarians and policymakers in Stockholm, Sweden. They’ll be discussing ideas for sustainable, long-term solutions to modern issues like water scarcity and access to sanitation, particularly in urban environments. The goal […]

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Drought crisis in Horn of Africa unabated

This article was originally published by Mission Network News.  To read the article in its original format, please visit: http://www.mnnonline.org/article/16090.   Kenya (MNN) – Tens of thousands of refugees fleeing famine and fighting in Somalia are arriving in Kenya where refugee camps are now reaching capacity. In a press briefing Friday, UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards said the […]

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FH Ethiopia Responds to DROUGHT

Ato Abuta Kotalo, age 35, is struggling to feed his family of eight.  Even in normal times, Ato Abuta struggles daily to provide for his family, and the drought has only worsened their vulnerability.  In order to survive, Ato Abuta sold his only source of livelihood, two sheep, in order to purchase food for his […]

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